I Will Show You the Smartest and Safest Ways to Conquer your Flight Anxiety in an Instant and Start Living Your Life to the Fullest!



Do you love travelling? Does the idea of landing in your destination fill you with excitement? Or does a business trip terrify you when it means you have to travel by air? If you imagine being on the plane getting ready for take off and your heart starts pounding, you get sweaty, and you’re afraid you might pass out–or if you try not to go anywhere you can’t drive–you probably have flight anxiety.

What can you do to overcome your flight anxiety? Read on…

Fearfreeflight.com is a help site developed by a former fearful flyer to help many fearful flyers conquer their flying phobia and start living their lives to the fullest.

Research shows that roughly 25 percent of all Americans suffer some nervousness about flying but the National Institute of Mental Health says this fear, usually called aviophobia, affects just 6.5 percent of the population. 6.5 percent is actually equivalent to almost 20 million people! And that’s in the US alone!

Unfortunately, it is reported that many fearful flyers quickly resort to anti-anxiety medications to overcome their flying phobia only to worsen their condition or end up getting addicted to these pills. Most of them are not even aware that being dependent on these drugs could cause greater health problems which are more frightening than flight anxiety.

This is why Connie Dacles developed this help site. To share her life experiences, knowledge and smart techniques to all fearful flyers so they’d be able to overcome their flying phobia without any anti-anxiety pills.

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