About Me

Hi, my name is Connie Dacles. A mom to a 3-year old sweet little girl and a faithful wife to a humble businessman based in Manila, Philippines.

I spend most of my free time reading online articles that talk about health and wellness, spiritual enrichment, life hacks, and entertainment. I consider myself dynamic and a certified nature lover.

I was a fearful flyer since year 2013. Back then, I dread a lot when I have an upcoming flight. I couldn’t sleep well or focus on my stuff because there were lots of negative things bothering my mind. Aircraft take-offs made me feel extremely nervous and would sometime cause me to hyperventilate. It was exhausting. I had a limited life before and full of regrets.

Out of my willingness to cure my flying phobia, I made a thorough research on how to get rid of this condition safely but surely in year 2016. And with the help of my faith, support from family and friends and all the information I got, I was able to finally conquer my flight anxiety during a 3-hour flight in year 2017. I am a proud fearless flyer since then and now enjoy air travelling a lot. I feel so blessed because I’m now living my life to the fullest.


About Fearfreeflight.com Help Site

It is my deepest passion to help other people by sharing my knowledge and life experiences with them.

I have founded the fearfreeflight.com help site to help many fearful flyers conquer their flying phobia using natural and practical methods. You could find lots of helpful information and kits here that’ll surely enable you to beat your flying fears in short time, safely and at minimal to no cost.

Getting rid of flight anxiety should not cost you a lot nor give you daunting long-term health side effects.